Wednesday, 21 July 2010

* A Personal Challenge

I'm addicted to third party custom content. I spend more time hunting it down and compressing it into single large .packages - than I do playing the game. The bummer with CC, is that it causes choppiness, lag and prolonged loading times. Gameplay can be a real chore when a neighbourhood is bogged down with it... and though I love to build and to decorate, I genuinely love to play too.
So, to enable a smoother game, I've decided that the Riverview neighbourhood that I'm making over, is going to be CC-less. To a point. I'll use the EA Store stuff that I've purchased (mainly because it'd be pretty bloody stupid not to after I've paid for it!), and Huge Lunatics Bed Blankets, Mango's Bed Cushions (Set Garor), and Haru's Default Texture Replacements... and if I really can't cope with the lack of decorative wallage (paintings to you)... maybe some of SimsArtGallery's Double Hung Paintings.

I've already made a start. Hyacinth Cottage has become the home of EA Sim - Lorraine Cantina, formerly of 1010 Cypress Avenue. Of course, she's had a makeover too. This is the before photograph.

And After.

The rest of the photos, are of the interior - excluding the laundry room because she can't afford to furnish it yet. I think it's turned out okay, so far. I desperately missed certain items of CC, and am currently lacking in the imagination department. But if I can pull this off, and become a bit more inventive with what there is - my game will ultimately thank me.
I should mention here, that I have OCD. It's mild. But it'll stop me from playing any of these sims until the whole neighbourhood has been finished.
I should also mention that I never finish anything that I start. Ever.

If you're wondering what the very top photograph is, it's the backyard. It's included simply because I liked it.


  1. Heh Lily. I was the opposite of your problem. For the longest time, my game was borked and I couldn't use any EA Store CC only 3rd party. Up until the Ambitions patch and Ambitions EP. The patched fixed everything for me.

    Back to topic - I love this house. It's gorgeous all over!! Great job :)

  2. Thankyou *Anon*, I was actually a bit unsure about posting it as it's not as vibrant as my other stuff. My heart wasn't really in it to start with.

    It's good to know that everything's working for you now. Some of that third party cc is waaaay superior to the store stuff - so you weren't missing anything ;0)

    L xx