Monday, 30 May 2011

* The Riverview Institute of Art

I completed this one a few weeks back, all except for the top floor because I just plain ran out of steam. It's rather larger than I had at first intended, but seeing as I couldn't actually turn it into a tardis (bigger on the inside) - I had to stretch it a bit - to fit everything into it. I've used quite a few paintings from the store, and haven't bothered to list them because it would have taken forever. I figure that if you find an empty space, you can fill it with whatever art you choose - you probably would anyway!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

* Riverview Central

Just recently I've neglected Riverview in favour of Sunset Valley and Twinbrooks, not that you'd know that - it's not like I've been inundating you with info or downloads just recently. Anyhoo, this morning I decided it was time to knock a couple of things on the head, so that I can get back to whatever I damn well please without worrying about stuff that ain't finished... coz I do... worry... about stuff.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

* Betty's Living Room

I've not loaded my game and played it, for almost a month. I have loaded it... but got no further than the saved games screen before thinking "Ugh, bored now" and turning it off again. Even now, I've only played it long enough for Riverview to hit daylight hours so that I could take a few pictures of Betty's home.