Thursday, 24 March 2011

* Simply Betty - Moving On! - Part Five

It had taken several weeks and all of her cash - but the builders had finally finished renovating Betty's newly purchased house and had moved on to pastures new. It was time for Betty to leave her childhood home and move on with her own life... she stood staring up at her new home, surrounded by her worldly belongings (two suitcases and a bag of jellybeans) and suddenly felt very alone - a completely unfamiliar feeling... still, she'd made a few decisions whilst on her last adventure in China - and she intended to stick to them...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

* Riverview Library

I actually attempted a revamp of the original lot "Wrights Reading Room" (I think that's what it was called???? - never mind, don't actually care). But it was just so boring and I'd already built a fairly modern swimming pool for Riverview a while back - so I figured I may as well carry on in the same vain... traditional and pretty is all well and good, but I do like to build the odd modern lot... I'm a sucker for a few bright colours and straight lines.

Monday, 14 March 2011

* Champs Les Sims Nectary

Finally, after several game implosions and what feels like an endurance test -The Nectary is finished. Never thought I'd revamp this place sooooo many bloody times. Third times the charm... apparently. I was able to use the images from my Original Post to yet again recreate the interior, then it was basically a free for all with the exterior because that's nothing I've ever touched before - the lot is so vast that I had no clue what I could put in it - and have in fact left large spaces as lawn.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

* Jardin de Champs Les Sims

This Champs Les Sims Park is a brand new one - brought into existence by the Challenge me to Garden 3.0... Challenge... at Living Sims - Sebausten challenged me to create a garden in the style of  *Jardin à la Française* and using these three gardens and Wikipedia as inspiration - what you see before you, is the end result. I had SO MUCH FUN doing this! It appealed in immeasurable ways to my OCD tendencies, and to how I play my game. I truly hate to build something that I cannot use for my little simmies to visit - and this ticked all the boxes.