Thursday, 21 October 2010

* Simply Betty - Part Deux

After a couple of days settling into life in Champs Les Sims, Betty was already bored. It was all very well sampling the local food, drinking the locally grown nectar and getting to know the locals... but it was all just a bit... local.

Monday, 11 October 2010

* The Riverview Arms

Yes. I know. It doesn't look particlarly interesting - but if you bother to read on, you'll see that it's a vast improvement on it's previous incarnation as The Watering Hole Juice Bar in Riverview. This one has been revamped for me, but I'm sharing it with you :D

Saturday, 9 October 2010

* The Nectary

I've been working on revamping the Champs Les Sims Nectary since I first decided to send Betty Simovitch *adventuring*. Not just because of aesthetics (although that's always going to be part of the reason) - but mainly because the Nectary was so poorly designed by EA for gameplay in it's initial stages.

Friday, 8 October 2010

* Simply Betty!

I'd like you to meet Betty Simovitch. I imagine you already know her - either as Betty Newbie, wife of Bob and mother of Brandi, or simply as a young Betty Simovich embarking on a new relationship with Bob, her beau... well... this isn't that Betty. This is Parallel Betty. 

This Betty has been to see a clairvoyant by the name of Wilf Truscott - he shuffled her cards, told her she needed to buy new underwear and stop swearing... and that she was going to marry her best friend Bob Newbie, get old, boring and grey with him, and have a daughter who she would name after an alcoholic beverage - but she'd manage to spell it wrong because she wasn't going to do very well at school and no... she was NOT going to become a Rock Star.