Tuesday, 28 February 2012

* Empty Nest

 So .... having left Claire and Captain Underpants to deal with their own honeymoon (if they even had one), I hunted around Sunset Valley for my next victim(s) and came across the Wainwrights... a couple of happily married adult sims with a young adult daughter (Blair) who no longer lived at home... no kids, no need to have kids, no need to earn money to support kids... the perfect couple.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

* Captain Underpants

... after an incredibly successful date with Claire, Yves felt the need to take a nap in Claire's bed whilst she was at work. He'd worn his favourite sexy (or so he thought) underpants in the hopes of getting a little more out of the date than a meal and a snog - these were his lucky underpants, because he'd always *gotten lucky* when he'd worn them in the past.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

* Guilty conscience

Seeing as Claire wasn't having much luck scaling the ladder of  Master Thiefdom - when the opportunity arose to do a side job in Champs Les Sims - she took it. She needed a break from the mundanity of Sunset Valley (and so did I)... being a doting mum was all well and good, but there were times when Claire really needed her space. The fact that toddlers are unable to go on holiday, was a welcome break for me too !!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

* One more reason to love this community

I'm not often given to soppiness. It makes me cringe. But I had to share now, because although this community has it's share of ups and downs, it's highs and lows... occasionally, someone goes that extra mile and reminds me why I still play this game. It's not the game that keeps me coming back for more. It's the people that play it.

Let me explain... at the The Sims Daily Forum, I asked if anyone had seen a multicoloured chandalier, as a sim object, that I could use in my game. Loads of people helped out with suggestions and links, Laure even went as far as creating one from different chandaliers in her own game, to show me that I could do something similar in my game.

ATS Sandy went the entire distance though, and meshed it.... but she's a devious little bugger and wants people to participate in the challenges that we create at The Sims Daily, so although she made it - I now have to join in the Valentines Challenge, if I want to have it. Crafty or what?

Here's the Challenge...

...and here's the participation prize

NOW can you see why I was feeling all soppy???

Sunday, 5 February 2012

* Here We Hoe

A couple of weeks ago, after reading through through a few comments at the TSD forum - we decided to run a gardening challenge that might encourage our members to think outside the box, when creating outdoor spaces... and I had to share a few images from the challenge, so far, because I am in awe of how much people have pushed themselves to try something truly new. The above image is the entry by Phyre, a wildflower meadow on an uneven landscape.

There are more images below, by other members. I'm sorry I couldn't include more but you'll just have to go see for yourselves how beautiful they all are.  I'm unsure if you'll be able to see the complete entries unless you are already a member.  We recently had to change what guests can see in the forum, due to an excess of spamming traffic. I just wanted to share these images, because these people are my friends and there is nothing quite like sharing *The Happy*!