Sunday, 15 August 2010

* Altos Alternative

I mentioned yesterday, that I was building an abode for the Altos that was slightly less austentatious than their present home... I lied. It is autentatious, it also has delusions of grandeur - thus the rather grand name, Abington Court. It is, however, a lot less *tacky*. Though I've yet to furnish it for them (and I will, even if simply to find out if it is possible to furnish something so damn big without giving in to impatience and poor taste (and CC)), I'm hoping to make the interior elegant, but with obvious signs of new money... so no dusty old furnishings this time - I'm saving that for the Landgraabs!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

* Sunnydale

I've just built this house for the Sekemotos of Sunset Valley to move into - but even unfurnished it's now out of their price range, so *oh me oh my* I'll just have to build them another one. Have to confess that not using CC on it, was fairly easy. I didn't feel the need to hunt down specific doors and windows.... but I haven't furnished it yet - that's where my will power will most likely desert me. If I furnish it at all - my attention has already been drawn away and I'm in the midst of building a home for the Altos, one that's slightly less austentatious than their current abode. Whether they like it or not - my Sunset Valley Altos are going to be given a lesson in class!

Monday, 9 August 2010

* Losing The Battle

I've just built another little cottage, similar to Lavender Cottage, but fully furnished throughout. I don't know how the interior ended up quite like it did - possibly influenced by all the matchy matchness that is Galaad - what I do know, is that I am losing the battle with my CC addiction... I know... it was only yesterday (or the day before) that I mentioned maybe getting rid of all of my CC - but I made the fatal mistake of taking a peek at older sims 3 photos taken with a fair whack of CC - and they were so much more lively than what I've been doing!

I'm completely stumped. On the one hand I want to be able to actually play my game without the stuttering that CC creates (it's not major, but it's there), and on the other hand - I want my game to look exactly how I want my game to look! What to do? I've already got all third party CC compressed from many and smaller .package files into less and larger .packages - I even wrote an entire bloody tutorial, months ago, to help my friends do the same.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

* 477 Sunnyside Boulevard

I've just built this for the Summer Lovin Theme at Sims 3 Musketeers. I've named it, very imaginatively - 477 Sunnyside Boulevard.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

* Another Fresh Start

I've been enjoying revamping Riverview without custom content - much more than I'd imagined I would. It makes everything that much faster (because I don't have as much to choose from), and I'm trying a little harder to be more inventive with both my design layouts and my use of patterns.... in fact, I'm on the verge of ridding myself completely of all my Custom Content, because I've also decided to do the same thing with Sunset Valley (pictured above)... revamp it without using CC.