Saturday, 17 March 2012

* The Edge

I have always absolutely LOATHED the 28 Hour Wellness Centre/Gym thingy in Sunset Valley - to a point where my sims have always been exceptionally unfit unless they didn't mind jogging to work occasionally. So I figured I'd built a Sports Bar - might as well build my sims a Gym/Fitness and leisure centre to go with it... don't ask me how I worked that out. I don't know. Call it a theme... or boredom. You choose.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

* Mullen's Bar

My sims were desperately in need of somewhere to go that wasn't a park, a pool, a beach or a made over Rabbit Hole and I have no idea why - but my mind hit on Sports Bar - so I built one. It has been marginally playtested, and the only fault I can find, is that sims sitting at the bar turn their heads in the wrong direction for watching the TV and I can't be arsed to change that. If it pisses me off LOADS I shall just remove the tv's completely... it's not like anyone'll be watching them when there's a brand new pool table upstairs!!!