Sunday, 11 July 2010

* A Home By The Sea

I'm currently in love with building and decorating challenges, and if you scour the right forums - you can find plenty to choose from. This project was a challenge at Living Sims, to create a Beach Cottage for a Sim with particular traits, likes and dislikes. Took me bloody ages to come up with something that didn't look like I'd recovered everything in deck chair fabric. I chose more nautical colours, and quite like the end result.... though I really over used the wicker texture - won't be using that again in a hurry!


  1. sigh... i'd just love to have this in my game. Any possibility??? :D

  2. Mango, thankyou for the compliment of wanting it!

    I'm afraid it's got far too much CC in it for me to upload it with full credit to the creators... I'm far too lazy for that ;)

    L xx

  3. It's such a beautiful house though <3
    Too bad about the whole CC credits = lazy. :P

    Really wish you could share *puppy dog eyes*

  4. Dammit - I always have trouble resisting the *puppy dog eyes*!

    It's why my dog is fat :P

    How about a chocolate biscuit instead?

  5. Chocolate biscuit... nah, i will pass :P
    Such a cute lot, must have to remake it myself then... share the floorplan pics ;)

  6. You'll find the floor plan pics here - - have fun xx

  7. Hey Lily... Quick question.. If you can remember can I have the name of the bed and blanket? Because I thought I saw it @ TSR.. but I checked and I didn't see it.. Thank you 10x!

  8. The bed is from the store -

    Can't remember where the blanket came from, sorry!