Sunday, 27 November 2011

* Saucy Sunset Valley!

Jamie Jolina is my current sim of choice... like many Sunset Valley Residents, she has succumbed to the lure of the Ice Cream Truck... which tends to turn up in a sinister *chitty chitty bang bang, child snatcher* type fashion, outside the homes of our playable sims. I figured if I let her have an ice cream, that the truck would move off. It didn't. It sat there for hours. It reached a point where I was afraid to guide the camera past Jamie's front door and out into the open... in case it got me.

In case you don't recognise the name, or the sim, Jamie is a permanent EA resident in Sunset Valley... she had a bit of a makeover, and I moved her from House Plan B to Myrtle Bungalow.

She lives here now. Between the Goddards and Claire Ursine, on the sea front at SV.

Jamie is a girl of mixed traits... she's a party animal who likes to read books... and she seems to want to apply herself to absolutely everything, constantly spinning up wishes to do/learn something. Which certainly makes for a more interesting game than just "buy me something that costs more than 100 simoleons". She was quite happy and relaxed at the pool, and successfully made hot dogs, even though she needed to pee.

In fact, Jamie was starting to look like a regular Goody Two Shoes... and I'd begun to chill out and relax into playing her.

On her first night in her new home, she noticed Claire Ursine come out of her house, when most *good* people are in bed. She hadn't met her new neighbour yet, so made the effort to cross the back gardens and go introduce herself... and check that Claire was okay. Jamie works at the local hospital... and Claire looked a pickle short of a sandwich, standing in her garden in her swimsuit, in the dead of night.

It turned out that Claire was all of a dither, because she'd just discovered that she was pregnant by Jared Frio, her ex boyfriend - who happened to live across the road, just two doors down from Jamie. Jamie congratulated Claire, and talked her into going inside and back to bed, before returning home to grab a bite to eat before bed time.

Whilst she tossed pancakes, Jamie wondered about her new neighbours relationship, and was pretty curious to find out who Jared Frio was... Claire hadn't given Jamie the impression that she was easy going... the opposite, in fact - so Jamie couldn't help but wander what Jared was like... Jamie had never really seen herself as a busy body... but she reckoned she just might go meet her new neighbours that lived two doors down, in the morning, to see how the land lay.

She was up bright and early the following morning, and knocking on the Frio brothers door... bear in mind that it's actually been a little while since I revamped the Frios' home, and I was curious enough to refresh my memory as to what I'd done with it. I'd rotated it 180 degrees but couldn't remember beyond that, so while I was having a wander through the upstairs...

... this... was happening downstairs....

...  I was so surprised that I just sat back and watched...

.... genuinely. just. watched. ... it was like something out of a Mills Boon Romance...

... and it was both of them... making the moves on each other. This has NEVER happened in my sims 3 game before. I have to work HARD to get relationships to happen... Bob and Betty took FOREVER to get it on. These two were like a couple of dogs on heat. All I kept thinking was "Poor Claire!" - I'd had plans to get Jared and Claire back together... did I hit *quit* or *save*???? What to do?

This sealed it. Autonomous skinny dipping in the Frio Brothers pool.... Jared was about to tell Jamie that she was behaving inappropriately... when he changed his mind and joined her.

What choice did I have? I mean, really... what would you have done?

I hit *save*.


  1. LOL...Oh my! I can't say I blame ya for saving :)

  2. ahahahahaha! I would have hit "save" too! You did good! So glad to see you enjoying the game again. I missed your pictures! :-)

  3. *lmao* Oh, Lily, I was all caught by romantism and passion, and... "These two were like a couple of dogs on heat" made me burst of laughter (and killed my romantic mood! *lol*)
    Still, I would have saved as well. They scream "I want you", that's too rare to be ignored!
    (BTW, I've already said it, but Jamie's house is really all cute. And this swimming-pool...)
    Do you use the Woo-hooer? It helps at getting spontaneous romantic interactions. Romantic and "dogs on heat" too. :D

  4. Latte, I'm glad you agree ;)

    Dee, I really am enjoying it at the moment, you'll be sorry when I spam the forum with my pics though!

    Sandy, no I don't have the woohooer, but have been thinking about adding it in, depending on how much I actually get to play the game *nods* - I know who to ask when I do get it ;)

  5. * Inserts rofl smiley* I would have hit save too. I had never played Jamie or Jared myself,but I like what you have done with them, their houses, and of course, the description of them getting together. At this rate, you won't need the woohooer for those 2 lol.

  6. You're not wrong, Em! Though things have cooled down a little since yesterday *rolls eyes* - honestly, the path of true love never runs smooth.

  7. Haha, this is hilarious! Jared Frio of all sims, lol! Jamie looks like a cutie, I wonder if she'll be able to handle Jared's moodiness and bad temper.

    Lovely shots, their so clear and crisp! :)

  8. Thanks Jennifer :D - Jared and Claire must have truly rubbed each other up the wrong way - they're both moody buggers - though he and Jamie seemed destined for each other within split seconds... with no help from me! Maybe her calm nature will have a soothing affect on him, who knows ;)

  9. Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!

    Loves it! Especially the autonomous skinny dipping and gratuitous heiny shot you gave us.


  10. "I hit *save*." LOL - To save or not to save, that is the question all simmers must face.

    1. I've not had this much fun with the game since Jamie and Jared! I reckon I'm going to have to go back to them and checkon how they are doing ;)