Sunday, 27 November 2011

* Riviera Pool

Well.... Real Life was fun while it lasted. I'm avoiding painting my bedroom ceiling... and Christmas Shopping. I HATE Christmas Shopping - I'd far rather spend my money on me, than on everyone else. I know what I want, which makes shopping for me very easy... anyhoo... I've been using my game to avoid jobs. I'm re-addicted. Thought I'd take a mooch around Sunset valley with Jamie Jolina and see what cropped up...

The desperate need for a new public swimming pool occurred when Jamie hit up a wish to go swimming. There was no way that Le Petit Shark Pool was going to cut the mustard, and I've never revamped that particular lot before. So that's what I did, and I quite like the result. I also changed the name, because it no longer suited.

Download HERE

Game Requirements

Lot Details

  • Lot size 40 x 38 (I think!)
  • Community Lot
  • Pool
  • Toilet/shower facilities
  • BBQ
  • Sun loungers and seating
  • Hot Tub
  • Fountain/tropical planting

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  1. danke fuer diese arbeit, ich selbst wuerde jetzt gerne dort schwimmen gehen, doch mein sims wird das vergnuegen sicher haben

    1. Sie sind herzlich willkommen, ich hoffe deine Sims genießen Sie es!

  2. Oh no! It says, under Custom Content section, that the links no longer exist. Do you know where I can find these missing items for this gorgeous lot? :)

    1. I'm so sorry Lorene - I no longer play the sims so have no clue where these items might now be :( Sorry it's taken forever to reply, I barely remember I have this blog.

  3. The Skidlow links are broken. :(

    -- Edorenel

    1. Sorry Edorenel, perhaps have a look for some different cc to take it's place? I'm afraid I can no longer help with this.