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* Simply Betty - All the Right Moves - Part 7

A couple of weeks after Fatty and Vad had moved in with her, Betty managed to grab an evening out with Bob. Having her parents at home wasn't exactly a hindrance to romance, as they lived in the apartment above the garage, though there were times when Betty wondered if that were actually the case - Fatty was constantly raiding Betty's fridge and Vad was forever sat at the kitchen table, watching the TV - this particular night, Betty was hoping for a little more than a nice meal and a romantic walk...

She wasn't really sure what she was expecting, but Fatty had been leaving wedding magazines all over the house of late in an attempt to push Betty in a not so subtle direction. On one occasion she'd woken up in bed to discover at least eight magazines open on different pages, spread out all over her bed - as if she'd fallen asleep whilst reading them. Even Bob couldn't have failed to notice what Fatty was hinting at, especially as she appeared to be humming "Here comes the bride"... loudly... whenever he entered a room.

Betty hadn't bargained on Bob's obtuseness though. She had thought that just this once, he'd take matters into his own hands and... well... never mind. As they walked across the bridge to the cinema and paused a moment to enjoy the view and each other's company, Betty knew that this was just going to be an evening like any other. Bob was never going to be anything but... Bob.

When Bob dropped her home with a kiss goodnight on the doorstep, Betty wandered into the kitchen and found her father in his usual spot, watching the TV. She plonked herself down in front of him and waited...
10 minutes later Vad said...
"Oh hello dear, have you just come in?"
Betty fought the urge to roll her eyes, "Yes dad - just this minute."
"Did you want something? Only there's a documentary about bird poo coming on in a minute and... " Vad stopped talking when Betty started drumming her fingers on the table "Your mother does that when she's angry with me." He raised an eyebrow and waited.
Betty shoved her hands beneath her bottom to still them. "Does she?" she shrugged "I'm not angry with you dad, I just wanted your attention for a moment."
Vad turned off the TV and faced his daughter fully. "Well, now you have it. What gives?"
Vad fought his own urge to roll his eyes... what was it that that boy hadn't done now???? "You should probably talk to your mother about Bob, she knows more about these things than I do."
"What things?"
"I don't know..." he struggled, deciding right then and there to buy a TV for the apartment. "Boy, girl things??"
"Right then, it's my bed time, talk to your mother in the morning," he stood up and came round the table, and plopping a kiss on top of his daughter's head, Vad made his escape.

The following morning, whilst Betty was eating a left over salad, Fatty appeared in the kitchen and grabbed the last remaining plate of pancakes out of Betty's fridge.
"Your father says you want to talk me," she sat down at the kitchen table. "Shoot."

Between mouthfuls, Betty explained that she felt that her relationship with Bob wasn't really moving at a pace that suited her, and that Bob didn't seem inclined to move things along himself.
"What? Even though I've been humming that damn tune at him?!?" Fatty was less surprised than her voice suggested - that boy would sit at a red light all day if the car behind didn't toot him. Fatty didn't fight the urge to roll her eyes. "Betty, I know I'm not subtle about wanting you and Bob to tie the knot - "
"You're not kidding!"
"- BUT.... is it truly what you want? Or is it just because I've been hinting at it that you think it's what you want?"
"I want what you've got mum." Betty said quietly.
Fatty felt her heart pinch. What she and Vad had was pretty rare, and that Betty wanted the same for herself made her want to do battle with the devil himself to help her have it. She reached over and squeezed her daughter's hand... "Bob isn't going to be any different in 40 years, Betty - you're always going to be the one that has to make the moves. You just need to be sure that they're the right ones, and that what you think you want, is what's actually going to make you happy."
"I love him, mum."
"Despite the fact that you're going to have to do the asking?"
Betty sighed... "Probably because of it. There's nothing quite like choosing your own destiny, is there?" Betty was thinking back to a certain fortune teller and a pair of brand new knickers.
Fatty patted the hand she'd been squeezing "That's my girl."

Betty decided there was no time like the present, and after showering and getting dressed, she phoned Bob and asked him to come over. When he arrived she dragged him away from the watchful eyes of her parents - though Fatty attempted to follow along behind, Betty shut the living room door rather firmly in her face.
"Betty what's going on?" Bob laughed at Fatty's expression just before the door closed.
"Ummm, nothing Bob... everything Bob... ummmm... dammit!"
"What's wrong?"
"Just shut up and listen."
" 'k." Bob was more than used to Betty's manners (or lack thereof), and indulging her was always the quickest route to finding out what was on her mind.
"Do you love me?"
"Do you accept that I'm not the easiest person to live with? Because I accept you the way you are!"
"What way is that then, exactly?" Bob folded his arms in front of him, not quite sure if they were about to have a fight or not.
"Answer the question. Do you accept me the way that I am, warts and all? Because I really do love you and I want this to work."
"Betty, what's going on? I love you. I've always loved you... since we were two years old and you buried me up to my neck in a sandpit and did a war dance around my head!"
Betty blinked. He was as crazy as she was. He just kept it well hidden.
Mind made up, she dropped to one knee in front of him.

Bob's jaw hit the floor.
Betty produced a ring - sim fashion - from out of thin air.
"Bob.... errrr.... Bob... ?" her heart was beating so fast that the words wouldn't come.
Bob took her hands in his and pulled her up onto her feet and into his arms. Cupping her face in his hands he stared down into her eyes, knowing what he had to do... what he wanted to do...
"Betty. Will you marry me?"
"Oh God YES!" she sobbed. "YES."

One week later - Fatty could have achieved it in one day, but didn't want anyone to think that Betty HAD to get married - the scene was set. Riverview Chapel was about to host a wedding. The bride-to-be was tipsy from having had a champagne breakfast... the groom was quietly confident... the brides parents were flitting form "My baby" to " My God!" and the guests had assembled inside, and were waiting for proceedings to... proceed. They'd seen the cake, they were hungry.

As the music started to play, Bob turned to the Chapel entrance and watched as his future wife walked in, gingerly, with her father. Seeing him standing in front of the wedding arch - waiting for her with a huge grin on his face - Betty straightened up and looped her arm through Vad's.
"Ready?" her father asked.
She beamed up at him. "Ready."

With bubbles floating gently about them (no run of the mill confetti for Betty), Bob and Betty exchanged vows and rings.
"I love you Betty Newbie."
"I love you too, Bob Simovitch," she winked at him.
"Ah... I take it we're going to be having our first fight before we even leave the church?"
"Nah. I just wanted to see what you'd say," she grinned at him, and turned towards their waiting guests to accept their well wishes and congratulations.
Shaking his head and smiling, Bob followed after her..

The wedding reception was going at full throttle when Bob finally mananged to grab a moment with is father.
"You've done well, my boy!" said Rob behind bites of cake. "The girl has money as well as a beautiful mother!"
Bob frowned at his dad."I didn't marry her for her money, dad. I love her."
"Nothing wrong with marrying for money, my boy. After all, it's why I married your mother. Woman couldn't hold a candle to Fatima, oh no sir, but she had plenty of the green stuff." He nodded sagely, completely oblivious to his son's contempt and sudden understanding of his parents loveless relationship.
Glancing up, he saw his mum heading towards the table he sat at with his father... he got up and kissed her on the forehead before she could sit down and join them. He couldn't bear to be near Rob Newbie for a minute more. "I'll come join you later mum, enjoy your cake," and he moved away to watch Betty rev the party up another notch.

Betty was having the time of her life, someone had produced a guitar for her to borrow, and she joined in with band, adding to the already fantastic atmosphere and her guests enjoyment.

Dallas Shallow's little sister interrupted her just long enough to ask for her autograph... the day just couldn't get any better...

... then Mags Newbie approached her.
Betty took a calming breath and waited for her new mother-in-law to speak, expecting something vitriolic - Mags was well known for her acid tongue throughout the neighbourhood.
"Betty... my dear... " Mags paused, apparently searching for the right words... "Look after him," she said quietly. "He loves you very much. That's worth something, you know?"
Betty looked at Mags for what felt like the first time, and saw a very elegant, and very sad woman before her. She leaned forwards and pecked her on the check "I know, " she said "I love him too."
Mags suddenly seemed to realise that the facade had slipped, she took a step back and a disinterested expression replaced her previously sad countenance. "Good good." she said, and walked away.

Betty went in search of Bob, feeling a need for his company. They danced the rest of the night away, happy in each other's company. As the evening wore on, the guests started to leave in a slow and steady trickle, stopping first to thank the happy couple for a wonderful day and to wish them well for the future.

Finally, they were all alone... the last guests having left about five minutes before.
"So... Mrs Newbie, how's about that honeymoon in foreign lands that you've been promising me?"
"Where shall we go first, Mr Newbie? I have unfinished business in Al Simhara and Shang Simla... so perhaps a nice quiet sojourn to Champs les Sims?"
"Unfinished business?"
"Indiana Jones style stuff. Nothing to concern yourself with."
"Tomb raiding?"
"Tomb raiding."
Bob shook his head "What have I gotten myself into?"
Betty grinned up at him "The biggest sandpit you have ever seen!"
He laughed down at her and pulled her close. "I love you Mrs Newbie."
"I love you too."
... and then she kissed him.


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