Thursday, 15 December 2011


Jamie and Jared... sitting up a tree.... K.I.S.S.I.N.G... you can see, these two are still *getting it on* - though they have had one or two moments when I thought perhaps they'd go their separate ways. Jared really is temperamental and I'd have given him his marching orders by now... but Jamie appears to like him...

... a lot!  .

They have yet to woohoo, but they do date quite a bit - though their choices for a decent night out are some what limited by the fact that I have yet to build so much as a pub, in Sunset Valley. Jamie constantly spins a wish to visit a Lounge, but there ain't one. Yet.

This time around in Sunset Valley (yes, I have been here many, many times before), I'm experiencing a lot of *firsts*, and loving it. I've never played a sim that wanted to become a world renowned surgeon before - so when the option for Jamie to hold a free clinic at the cemetary popped up, I took it.

Rather a random location to heal people, but with my newly tweaked Relativity Mod - the time allowed was sufficient for Jamie to heal/scare the living daylights out of - five Sims... Whilst she was there, Jamie harvested the Death Flower plant... because she could. She then went home and decided to *search the galaxy* with her telescope - to increase her logic skill... Jamie wants a promotion.

At first, I had no real clue what was happening... the sky darkened and sims started turning up and pointing skywards.. so I had to look at the sky, just to check that what they were reacting to was actually there...

It was.

Suddenly, all the sims performed the *kiss your arse goodbye* manouver and..

...KABOOM!  The back of Jamie's house exploded in a ball of fire - at this point, I started to panic. The first time in ages that I'd played my game and enjoyed it - and the sim I was concentrating on... had very possibly been blown to smithereens by a sodding meteor... TWO YEARS I've had this game... TWO SODDING YEARS and not... one...meteor.

When the smoke cleared, (the) Grim Reaper appeared above a crater in the ground, where Jamie had last been seen.

He worked a bit of voodoo and conjured mists and magic... and the ghost of Jamie Jolina... I suddenly remembered the Death Flower that Jamie had in her inventory and started clicking madly on Death, hoping for an interaction that would allow Jamie to give him the flower and maybe beg for her life. Nothing happened... I'm a gameplay novice, obviously.

Jamie's ghost wandered past the dustbin with a "Damn, forgot to empty the bins before getting annihilated" kind of folornness... then, when Grim came to stand in front of her, her ghost rose into the air... and she threw the death flower at him - to which he replied (genuinely) "Thankyou, I'll have to put this in water!" and Jamie suddenly became a solid mass of sim and landed on the floor...

She was ALIVE!

Disaster averted... happy, happy, happy.... 

...of course, she had to go inspect the damage and Grim followed her...

... I love this game.


  1. Oh my gosh! My heart was literally in my mouth then! Thank goodness you got her to pick that death flower *phew*

    I have only ever had 1 meteor in my game and it was in a save that I used for taking pictures. It fell on the Broke's home in Riverview and was hilarious.

  2. Bahahaha at the grim reaper giving her flowers at the end! That's hilarious!

    Never had a meteor either but boy, am I glad you had that death flower ready to go!

  3. I think fate stepped in and dealt Jamie a decent hand! I honest to goodness have never used a Death Flower and never seen a meteor, in my game. Had no idea how to use the bloody thing (the flower) (obviously) - but what a HUGE coincidence!!! I just sat back and watched and hovered over *quit without saving* the whole time LOL!

  4. OMG!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I had never seen this happening neither! Man, it's so impressive to see the sky getting darker! Pfffeeew, super good idea Jamie had to keep that flower in her inventory! Jared would have been devaster to lose his love like this!

  5. Oh I reckon he'd have moved on to someone else, sooner or later!!!

  6. One of my sims has had a death flower in her inventory since Base Game. I can never bring myself to get rid of it

  7. Daniel,I have had a death flower, once before. But the sim that had it, gave it to her daughter, and when she died I tried to get the daughter to give the flower to Death (obviously with no luck). Now that I've accidentally found out how to use it, I think all my favoured sims are going to keep one in their pocket ;)

  8. Lol at the meteor shower, and grimmy being all flirty.

    I've still not had any meteorites hit my town, and I would really like that to happen.

  9. It was more fun than I'd expected, but perhaps if Jamie had died for good, I might not have been quite so accepting of it...I wandered into Claire Ursine's house, next door - and discovered a load more fire damage from the meteor!

  10. That was fun. :) Although I guess it wouldn't have been funny if Jamie had died... Did you lose many Sims?

    That last picture is so funny. "I loved your flower - have some of mine!"

    Cornelia Goth in my game has five or six death flowers right now - she keeps planting special seeds, looking for life fruit, only to end up with MORE money trees and death flowers... I wish she could sell them to other Sims. :)

  11. I've no idea how many sims died! Didn't occur to me that more than Jamie were in danger - though one of them WAS on fire at one point... I thought they all walked away relatively unscathed... DAMNIT Karin, I'm gonna have to go check!!!!

  12. The first time I played Ambitions, I launched my game, selected some stylist in Twinbrook and then watched in total shock, as she went outside and got smashed to smithereens by a meteor. After I got over the intial shock, I said to myself, "Well that was certainly an interesting intro to a new EP. Wonder what else it has to offer." Obviously, I was not attached to that sim.
    But your meteor was way cooler. Mine just made a big hole in the ground - no fire. And the neighbor came by later and picked up the bits and pieces of rock. Caring guy.

  13. LOL - Claire Ursine (lives next door to Jamie) had a few heaps of scrap in her backyard - I wandered where they'd disappeared to when I wasn't looking. Might have been the same caring guy ;)

  14. Wow!!! Never saw a sim get killed by the meteor, the one I had in my game fell on the town grocery store but no one was hurt.

    1. Hah! - I wish my meteor had been slightly less melodramatic... some of my sims seriously need to take acting classes!!!