Saturday, 2 July 2011

* Betty's Kitchen

You wouldn't believe how many photos I've taken of this kitchen. Literally HUNDREDS. For the life of me, I couldn't work out why I didn't really like any of them - turns out, I'd left the walls a plain white colour and had had a major brain fart that thought I'd finished the room when I hadn't. This kind of shit happens to me all the time, only in real life. Which is much more fun... but slightly more costly.

I'm still not sure if I like the finished article, it's all a bit blue. But I reckon that as Betty's life changes (and we get new SPs and EPs) her home will too. I've had to draw a line under the kitchen and move on, or Betty's next chapter will never be told... 

Yes... I haven't forgotten that Betty actually has a story to tell you, though she has been gathering dust for a few months now. There was a very brief incident with Mary Kay Shallow that the game introduced when I installed Generations... thankfully it was one that Bob does not remember as I didn't save the game... though I do have pictures if the little sod ever steps out of line again.


I was going through a bit of a French Country phase when I did this kitchen, and have done another (very similar) that you can see HERE, if you're inclined to press the button.


  1. Lily this is really gorgeous! I love the blue with the green accents. Lots of wicker in this room too which I have a bit of a love affair with. All in all I would love to have this kitchen!

  2. I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone could not like this. It's gorgeous and I love it to bits. The colors all work together so perfectly. Like LJ, I'd love to have this kitchen!

  3. Yay, I'm so happy you mentioned Betty! And LOL at you saving the pics of Bob's dalliance (I'm assuming it was a dalliance) in case he ever steps out of line again. :D

    I am totally loving your French Country kitchens! They're both just beautiful. You did a great job without using any third-party CC. It's such a tranquil and charming room; Betty is very lucky!

  4. I wish I could reply to each of your comments individually, like you can on wordpress - bloody blogspot!

    Thankyou, all of you. Betty quite like's the kitchen too (or seems to), and I have to confess that there are at least four pieces of third party cc in there - can't get by without those bread rolls in any kitchen ;0) xx

    Jen, yes - it was a dalliance, one that should NOT have occurred and one that I knew nothing about until Betty threw a fit when she saw him. Then I had to go investigate.... you have to watch out for these Shallows... devious little bastards.

  5. D'oh, shows you how observant I am! I didn't even notice the bread rolls...or fruit...or countertop TV! LOL.

    And yes, watch out for those Shallows! Although I have a feeling that Betty could probably take care of them pretty handily if she had to... :D

  6. You're probably getting sick of me posting now lol, but I agree with the others- The kitchen is beautiful.

  7. Thankyou ani_ :0)

    Emma, I'll never get sick of you posting. Thankyou, I'm glad you like it :0) xx