Friday, 22 July 2011

* If I only had a heart...

Meet Jed. You'll never see him again after this image, I deleted him. Jed was purchased by Fatty Simovitch with her reward points for going platinum on her lifetime wish (I forget what it was - a thousand best friends or something). I thought he might add an element of interest to my game. Jed survived long enough for me to build and decorate a room for him... eat some trash... attempt to sleep in Betty's bed... and visit the local junk yard.

Then I got bored.

This happens ALOT.

Two blog posts back - Triple Trouble Round One - I wanted to try my hand at the Livingsims contest. I made it to round two. Whoop Whoop (genuinely, very happy). Read the design theme for round two.... and my interest died a death.



Already done it elsewhere. Can't be arsed to do it again. If you've seen one picture/ornament of a lighthouse.... you've seen them all. Still, to anyone who is entering round two of the contest, I wish you all a lot of love and luck and hope that your ideas for it are more original than mine would have been! I'm especially looking forwards to Jenba's entry - if you want a peek at her first round, look here.


  1. Awww poor Jed. I know what you mean about finding them a bit dull though. Jasper created 4 simbots in his lifetime and I moved every single one of them out of the house. I liked them but they weren't interesting enough for me to play them.

    Sorry to hear that you are leaving the contest Lily, I was really looking forward to seeing your entry :) xx

  2. I was so sad to see you had left the contest. Like I said, I love your 1st round room and I was so rooting for you but I understand :-)

    So I'll pass on my rooting vibes to Jenba and go all fangirl on her tushy instead ;-)

  3. Thanks guys - I reckon we should start a Jenba fan club ;0) xx