Friday, 24 June 2011

* Sunset Valley Central Park

I've been meaning to revamp this park since day one, and just never got round to it until recently. I think this may be because originally I wanted it to be so very different that you'd hardly recognise it - and yet couldn't find the inspiration to do that.

However, one I admitted that I quite liked the general layout of the place, it was fairly easy to get on with.... even if it did take until I'd nearly finished the revamp to work out that whoever built it orginally - had built it *off centre*. That would usually have derailed the whole project and made me start from scratch... I dunno why it didn't this time. It just didn't. Go me.

The picnic blankets are all still there, as are the picnic boxes on the tables... I genuinely don't understand why only the sims that you aren't playing, are able to access either of these things... and only then can your playable sim join the meal. Still, they ARE there... I swear. I've also restocked the pond and kept all the original spawners (seeds, bugs and butterflies), in case it's key to gameplay.

Download HERE

Game Requirements

Lot Details

  • Community Lot
  • 64 x 64 Lot Size
  • Toilet Facilities
  • BBQ/ Picnic Area
  • Community Picnic Boxes/Blankets
  • Well stocked pond with bridge
  • Chess
  • Seating
  • Playground
  • Open grass area
  • Butterfly, bugs and seed spawners

Premium Content

  • None

Custom Content

  • None


  1. Ooooooh this is pretty! It almost makes me want to play SV. Great work Lily :)

  2. I'll chime in on LJ's comment. It looks 10x better. If you were to recreate all of SV, then I might have to play SV again.

  3. This is much better than EA's version Lily! ;)

    Btw I hope your doing alright... haven't seen you much lately at LS,take care! <3

  4. Chicago, thankyou :0) - I'm working my way round SV, a bit at a time, but I reckon Sims 4 will be out before I'm ever done ;0) xx

    Amanda darlin', I'm fine - just busy with real life mostly... and thankyou, I'm glad you like it :0) xx

  5. You really do make that town more and more beautiful one lot at a time. It really blows my mind that you use the same stuff EA uses but yours turns out 100% better looking than anything they have ever come up with. They need to hurry up and hire you already

  6. *Agrees with RD's comments*. I have been meaning to email you recently to see how you were, but have had things of my own to deal with too, and a rather sick little boy aswell. xx

  7. Hi Lily! I just came across your site, and wow! I love everything you've done so far. :) You have a real talent for building. I'm probably going to download everything you've posted and put it in Sunset Valley. xD I just hope my game doesn't explode from the awesomeness. ;)

  8. RD - if I could could send you a box of chocolates for such a lovely comment I would - but I'd eat them before they ever got wrapped ;0) - thankyou xx

    Em - hope everything's okay xx

    Anonymous - thankyou so very much - I hope you enjoy all of it ;0) xx

  9. Eeee that's so so pretty Lily! <3

    But why am I always late for these things, but seriously, you saved my Sunset Valley from that dreadful EA park! Thank you Lily bb <3

  10. You're very welcome my darlin' xx

  11. Wow. I second RD's comment.
    Also, what's your graphic card called? It's amazing =O

  12. Thankyou Anon! It's an ATI Radeon, one of the 5700 series - I can't remember which exactly, and I'm too lazy to go look ;0) - I should add that it's not a card that's recognised by Sims 3, but that it doesn't cause any issues either.

  13. Thank you!
    That's good to know. :D