Saturday, 16 July 2011

* Riverview Chapel

Now that Generations has given us Wedding Arches, there's a gamut of Wedding Chapels out there. I thought I'd join in and build one for Riverview, that sits happily alongside the other Riverview Community Lots that I've built. It took at least five goes to get it functioning properly, as I forgot that when you give a sim more than one option of *purpose* on a lot - he'll pick any thing to do, other than the thing you want him to do.... in this case, at my first wedding, the entire party pissed off below stairs to the bar that I'd built... whilst the unhappy couple got married without an audience....

... at the second wedding, I didn't set it up properly and the groom got bored of waiting for his future wife to turn up... so HE pissed off downstairs to the bar.

I demolished the bar. 

In fact, I demolished the entire basement and decided my little wedding chapel was simply going to have a buffet and the guests could provide their own entertainment with a bit of *jamming*, after the event. Someone always has a guitar in their pocket!

Third wedding. I forgot the cake.

Fourth wedding, bride, groom and guests were all where they were supposed to be.... but nobody was sitting down. They were all just standing around the benches I'd selected, looking a tad bored and ruining my photographs.... so I swapped the benches for chairs.

Fifth wedding... well... no spoilers, but the lot is finally available for downloading, so you work it out.

Download HERE

Game Requirements

Lot Details

  • Community Lot
  • Lot Size 25 x 30
  • Wedding Arch
  • Party Effects (Bubbles, Confetti etc)
  • Toilet & Shower facilities
  • Buffet
  • Table for Wedding Cake
  • Seating

Premium Content

Custom Content

  • None


  1. I never know where to comment when you update in two places at once! ahahaha!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who had issues with these weddings. I had to do my legacy wedding three times too. I even got the "sad because missed wedding" moodlet or something or other. But good for you for finally getting there! :-)

  2. Hmmm now I have a bit of a problem. You made over the park and lured me over to Sunset Valley but now you have built this gorgeous chapel. I don't think my sims would be too impressed if I moved them every time you updated *giggle*

    It's lovely Lily, very lovely indeed.

  3. Lovely as usual Lily. I hear you on the frustration of getting the guests to be in the right place at the right time at the weddings. Sims frustrate me more than my 4 year old at times. BTW it's me Emma, but you probably figured that one out.

  4. LOL Dee - comment all over the shot, duck - inconsistency keeps it interesting ;0) xx

    LJ my love, I'm so sorry you keep confusing your sims by moving them about (maybe they're travellers and you have yet to inform them!), and happy that it's me that's causing it ;0) xx

    Hello, Em - yes I guessed it was you! Thankyou xx

  5. You're very welcome :0), Mrs Stuffy (fab name BTW).

  6. Bubbles!
    Great chapel Lily, I can't wait to try it out! I'm super impressed at your testing methods. I'm extremly appreciative when someone goes to the effort to make sure things work, like I KNOW I should with my stuff but am too slack to do *hangs head in shame*. Thanks for sharing!

  7. LOL! I don't always play test mine either, Jo - but I needed this one to work for me too ;0)

  8. Such a pretty lot and the bubble in the outside dining area is a nice touch!

  9. Thanks, Migolia - it's inside the Chapel too - makes for taking a great wedding pic ;0)

  10. Wonderful! and the playtesting hijinks is hilarious. Bar and wedding = bad, I've saved that to my brain, it'll probably find it's way out again though....

  11. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it did :P

    .... and thankyou xx

  12. Hey there Lot Girl! Okay, this chapel is gawgeous and I want it *takes it like a bandit*. lol Thanks you dearest. I shall place this in the other small town, um not Riverview,you know the other one (my brain's all mush right now). That's where I place the library dontcha know and this will work lovely there.

    On an aside, the most successful wedding I've had was a home wedding. I can never make everyone show up at the lots. Maybe your chapel will be *the one* for me. Thankies Lil *smooches*.

  13. You'll have to post pics if it works, hun! Have to confess that I usually opt for a quickie home wedding, sans arch and guests. It's soooo much quicker ;0) xx

  14. Great lot, I've been wanting to add a wedding chapel to Twinbrooks.

  15. Thanks, ani_ - glad I could help ;0) x