Thursday, 24 March 2011

* Simply Betty - Moving On! - Part Five

It had taken several weeks and all of her cash - but the builders had finally finished renovating Betty's newly purchased house and had moved on to pastures new. It was time for Betty to leave her childhood home and move on with her own life... she stood staring up at her new home, surrounded by her worldly belongings (two suitcases and a bag of jellybeans) and suddenly felt very alone - a completely unfamiliar feeling... still, she'd made a few decisions whilst on her last adventure in China - and she intended to stick to them...

After she'd dragged her luggage indoors, she slipped her cell phone from her back pocket and keyed in Dallas Shallow's number. He appeared pleased to hear from her and immediately agreed to meet her at the Diner - completely oblivious to the lack of enthusiasm in Betty's own voice.

They met outside, as arranged and when Dallas moved in for a tactile greeting, Betty took a step back and held her hands up in her front of her, warding him off - though she was suddenly unsure that she'd made the right decision - because out of his party gear Dallas was still pretty damn gorgeous!
"What's wrong, Betty Boo?"
"Ugh... I'm sorry Dallas, perhaps I should have just done this on the phone."
He immediately understood why she'd held back from him. "You're dumping me?" he was astonished. "You can't dump me - I'm a Shallow! Nobody dumps a Shallow, Betty Simovitch - least of all someone like you!"
"Excuse me? Someone like me???" her voice went up an octave and Dallas, not knowing Betty as well as he thought - did not heed the warning signs.
"You come from poor stock, Betty Simovitch," he sneered. "You'll never amount to anything. I was doing you a favour even turning up today!"
Betty leaned forwards very slowly, reached a hand up equally slowly and wrapped his scarf around her fist. Dallas, thinking she was going to beg him to stay - let her. When Betty tugged him forwards until they were nose to nose, Dallas grinned - triumphant. He should have looked her in the eye. He'd have seen it coming.

Betty broke his nose. 

With her forehead.

She walked away from Dallas then, without a backward glance. She'd made the right decision - Dallas was a jerk. A good looking jerk. She sighed with regret - they'd have made beautiful babies. Never mind... she had bigger fish to fry.

Betty flipped her phone open and made the call that she'd been most nervous about... Bob almost didn't answer his phone when he saw Betty's name come up. Almost. She asked to meet him somewhere in town, and he was already at the library with his dad - so he reluctantly agreed to wait around and meet her there.

When Betty arrived it only took her a moment to spot him - mucking about on a desktop. He looked up and her heart missed a beat when his eyes met hers across the shelves of books... he'd changed whilst she'd been away. He'd grown up. He was gorgeous! When she was finally standing in front of him, all of her bravado deserted her. Everything she'd rehearsed just disappeared from her mind... he really was gorgeous... Bob was gorgeous... Gorgeous Bob... Bob the Yummy One... Gorgeous yummy Bob... Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob.
"Hello?" Bob waved his hands in front of her face... "Betty? You in there?"
"Betty are you okay?" he was starting to get a little alarmed - Betty didn't do vacant.
"Bob? You growed.. I mean, you're yum- ... you're gorge- " she cut herself off and bit down hard on her tongue. She took a deep breath and started again... "Bob, you're ummm... taller." Waaay to go, Betty!
He raised one eyebrow and bent to look her in the eye . "Have you been drinking?" he sniffed her breath.
"Cut it out! No. I have not been drinking, you just - you've changed is all. I suppose I expected you to still be the same. Stupid really"
"It's been months Betty. Time moves on, regardless of who's around to see it."

Betty had hoped that he wouldn't still be pissed at her for the way she'd behaved on their last meeting. Or for the fact that she'd disappeared without a word. Apparently she was out of luck. Best to start the rest of this conversation with an apology then..."Bob. I'm sorry. Sorry for the way I reacted when you told me you loved me. Sorry for thinking Dallas Shallow wasn't shallow. Sorry for possibly ruining the best friendship I've ever had. Sorry for always being a pain in the arse. Sorry for being -"
"- you?" he cut in.
Betty shrugged sheepishly and risked a quick look to see if he was softening... "Yeah - mostly for that."
Bob reached down and took her hands in his "Don't be," he said softly. "Being your best friend has always been the very best thing in my life... hardest thing too - you're no picnic Betty Simovitch."
Betty stood quietly, scanning his face with her eyes - looking for some sign of the young boy that had declared his love for her... do it now Bob... kiss me now... come on.... kiss me, kiss me, kiss me... no, no, no -  moment is passing... sod it... not again !

She took matters into her own hands, closed her eyes, leaned forwards... and pressed her lips to his... nothing happened. Bob didn't pull away from her - but neither did he return the kiss. Then just as suddenly as she'd kissed him, he was kissing her back... and it was heaven.

After a moment or two - Bob was the first to slow things down.
"Betty?" he murmered against her lips.
"You realise we're making out in the middle of the library.. and that my dad is sitting behind me?"
"Mmmm - Oh!" she gave an embarassed grin. " Sorry!"
"I'm not." he grinned back. Unashamed.
There was an awkard silence, then they both broke into smiles again. Bob smoothed Betty's hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. "You wanna spend the rest of the day together? I have *goof off* time saved up."
"That'd be nice, " she smiled, suddenly a little shy.
Bob's heart melted. 
Just like that. 
Betty really was hard work, but worth every ounce of effort.

They spent the following two weeks together, whenever they got the chance. Bob was slowly building a reputation as a designer/architect and Betty finally applied for a job in the music field. When they weren't working, they spent every waking moment together and even though Betty had left her family home to give her parents some time alone - when she wasn't with Bob, she was visiting with Vad and Fatty. She missed them terribly.

All too soon, Betty's small reserve of cash dwindled - and it was time to go adventuring again. Even though she was in full time employment there just wasn't enough money to live the lifestyle she wanted and furnish her new home . Bob was understandably upset that she was leaving again so soon - but equally understanding of Betty's need for a life away from Riverview. They said their goodbyes at the airport, and Betty headed off to Champs Les Sims.

She had a yearning to make her own nectar. It would be a great way to use the produce that her father grew and earn herself a little cash on the side - so she took some advice and experimented with flavours until she finally came up with something that was drinkable. It took a few goes though, and for some reason, she was garnering a fair amount of attention from the local paparazzi - not something she wanted, but she managed to ignore them for the most part.

In between learning how to make nectar, Betty made time to go on several archeological digs and managed to find quite a few saleworthy relics.

There was - of course - the usual tomb raiding and treasure hunting...

... and the prerequisite dead body. All in a days work.

Betty had planned on staying in Champs Les Sims a little longer than she normally would - but one evening when she was supposed to be enjoying a little local flavour in the Catania Cafe - a feeling of acute loneliness overcame her. She could have been at a movie with Bob, or eating dinner with her parents... this just wasn't as much fun as it should have been... she really wasn't enjoying this trip like she normally would.

It was time to head home.

Bob was busy working on a set of blueprints for the McDermotts when Betty phoned him, having come home early - the first thing she'd done after she'd unpacked, was key in his number and hope he wasn't too busy to answer. He wasn't.

10 minutes later he was standing outside her house. Blueprints abandoned.

"Hi," Betty scuffed her feet across the path. Now that he was here, yet again she was clueless as to what to do next.
"Hi," Bob smiled inwardly. Betty may have travelled the world, seen and done things he could never possibly imagine - but she was a complete novice when it came to relationships. So was he, but her shyness brought out the man in him. "I missed you, Betty."
She looked up at him and smiled, "I came home early."
" Is that you saying that you missed me too?" he chuckled. " Shall we go inside, or would you like me to kiss the living daylights out of you on the front porch?"
"Inside is good!" she grabbed his hand and pulled him up the front steps and into the house.

After he'd kissed her senseless, Bob framed her face in his hands and asked the question that was begging to be asked, but that neither of them had ever given voice to... "Would you like to go upstairs?" he'd felt so brave a few moments ago, and suddenly wondered if perhaps it was all too fast "Of course, we don't have to - we can go out to eat or maybe we could stay in and have sandwi-"
"Let's go upstairs, " Betty cut him off and kissed him softly on the lips. "I'd like to."

They were both very nervous initially. Neither of them ever having had a relationship that had progressed this far before. There was a lot of fumbling and giggling... then they forgot to worry... forgot to think... forgot that they were two people... and became one.

It was magical... if a little... ummm... quick!

Bob swore blind he saw little red love hearts at one point... and though Betty thought she did too, she teased him mercilessly about it. They snuggled and chatted into the night, only leaving the bed to raid the fridge for a midnight feast. They'd been apart for little more than a week, and yet it had felt like forever.
Eventually, they slept and in the morning, when Betty finally left the bed to take a shower... Bob just couldn't help himself...

He made sure he could hear the shower running, then leapt from the bed and did a little joyful strut around the room... "Go B-ob, go B-ob!" he sang as swung his arms and did a little dance.
"WHAT?" Betty yelled from the bathroom. "Bob... did you say something?"
"Ummm... NO!" he sniggered a snot bubble... then continued in a whisper "Go B-ob, Go B-ob!" ... still dancing.

To Be Continued...


  1. Another amazing entry. It was definately worth the wait Lily! I am so in love with Betty and her adventures and it's no nice to see her with Bob. I would kill for a few more pics of her home *nudge nudge*

  2. Hooray! You totally made my morning by posting this update. I love your writing style and I love Bob and Betty's relationship. They're adorable and realistic and hilarious. I can't believe Betty broke Dallas's nose, though! Whoa! He did kind of deserve it, though. What a jerk. Anyway, brilliant update, I love how fully developed your characters are and that your storyline isn't predictable. Looking forward to more!

  3. Yey go Betty! Just caught up on all 5 chapters and i love this story so well written.

  4. LJ - I'm going to post pics of Betty's house as she furnishes it - a bit at a time, I promise - it's a bit bland at the moment and I don't want to cheat ;0) - and thankyou, I'm glad you're enjoying it still!

    Jen, I don't think Dallas was expecting a broken nose either! I don't want Betty to suddenly turn into a wet weekend, she's always had enough gumption to go her own way and take no prisoners whilst she's at it - it's only with Bob that she's vulnerable - hopefully that's what came across!

  5. Angie! I'm glad you enjoyed it (all of it!!!!). Wasn't sure it'd hold anyone's interest for all five chapters- did you finish work or are you sciving???!!! LOL! xx

  6. It was PERFECT. Just perfect. Bob is a real hottie and such a nice guy, I'm soooo glad Betty's with him! I love male characters who know their women's flaws and love 'em anyways. :D I literally grinned from ear to ear through this one!

  7. Awww - ta Buttercup... these pair are so bloody hard to play, they're always at loggerheads (Betty is waaaay more volatile in the game than I've written her). Hopefully things will smooth out a little for them now! xx

  8. Go Bob it's your birthday! hehe

    I'm really glad Bob is with Betty,Dallas was a turd! *coughs* anyways I enjoyed this chapter it was Lovely and funny,Thanks Lily! :)

  9. You're very welcome, Amanda xx

  10. "Ummm... NO!" he sniggered a snot bubble... then continued in a whisper "Go B-ob, Go B-ob!" ... still dancing.

    Soooo worth the wait honeybunny - I love Bob and Betty (they were made for each other dontcha know?)!

    The "kiss the girl" music from Little Mermaid played in my head when they had their first kiss. Love love love it m'dear. Now *taps foot* when's the next chapter coming? rofl

  11. Haha yes, I agree with you there Lily. I found in my own game, that getting Bob and Betty together was so friggen hard. Brilliant update and I look forward to seeing what happens next. Betty's revenge towards Dallas, and the picture of Bob doing his little dance at the end, had me in fits of laughter.

  12. Velvet my love, Chapter 6 is already in the pipeline - I absolutely *cross my heart* promise ;0) - and thankyou, I'm so very glad that you still love Betty :) xx

    Emma - you're so right - it was incredibly hard to get these two together! Almost felt like the game had been set up to prevent it. I'm happy you enjoyed Betty's *scottish hand shake* with Dallas - and honestly, Bob really did do the Strut of Pride after woohooing Betty - had me in fits of laughter too ;0) xx

  13. At last! I was beginning to think you'd forgotten poor Betty! Fantastic update, looking forward to Chapter ^.

  14. Thanks Chrissie, hope you're well xx

  15. teehee Bob the builder?! A really great story and well written. Is this the longest you have stayed with one sim so far?

  16. Yes! Completely. If it wasn't for the fact that I started sharing on this blog - I'd have probably ditched Betty and Riverview for pastures new aaaaages ago - I still have a short attention span. What about you, tempted to come to the dark side yet???

  17. Well EA is trying to edge us out ! Havent been able to get on the BBS for days if not weeks now. This morning I got on and tried to reply to my challenge thread and it took so long to load that I gave up *sigh* Not stopping me from playing mind you. I just moved two sets of teenagers out to their own lots ( !! woohooo the start of generation 2 families ) and cant believe I would think having only 5 sims on a lot was easy to play lol my first founders just turned elder too so moving along nicely! Maybe by the time sims4 comes out we will be back on the same page :-) In the meantime at least I can stalk you here ;-)

  18. Lovely story Lily. I just read all the way through and really enjoyed it. :)

    Oh my gosh though, lol at Bob!! He looked pretty happy with himself didn't he. I wonder what will happen between these two now. How serious will this become and is Betty going to become a newbie. ;)

  19. LOL annabanana - you can stalk me anytime - and sod Sims4, never gonna happen!!!

    Jennifer - thankyou very much :0) I have absolutely no idea if Betty will ever be a Newbie... I thought at one point there she was going to be a Shallow, but Dallas really was a bit of a doofus!

  20. I had to stop by to say I really like your Betty story! Can't wait to see what happens next!

  21. Thankyou very much, Migolia... neither can I ;0) xx