Tuesday, 15 March 2011

* Riverview Library

I actually attempted a revamp of the original lot "Wrights Reading Room" (I think that's what it was called???? - never mind, don't actually care). But it was just so boring and I'd already built a fairly modern swimming pool for Riverview a while back - so I figured I may as well carry on in the same vain... traditional and pretty is all well and good, but I do like to build the odd modern lot... I'm a sucker for a few bright colours and straight lines.

I often get creators block (myyyy that sounds so very egotistical) when faced with a blank lot, but that didn't happen this time and I'm actually pretty pleased with the end result - even though it does - now - stick out like a chocolate eclair in a doughnut factory. I'll just have to make the surrounding lots blend in with it... whilst I bunk off of work and drink copious amounts of coffee and try to keep away from the fridge (which I occasionally find myself standing in front of with the door wide open... and no memory of how I got there... or why the cheese has teeth marks in it).

I've yet to try custom rabbitholes, and find them a tad superfluous unless you're really going to be taking millions of photos and are using a gazillion mods to make your game *Just So* because that's how you like it (Yes Jenba, I mean you ;o) ). Originally, I absolutely hated that EA had built our community lots for us and we weren't going to be able to see what went on inside them. When I played Sims 2 , it was community lots that I loved to build above any other. So it kinda felt like they'd stolen something from me - however, I never played the game as much as I do now and I appreciate not having to dodge various queues  just to buy an egg. Still - it'd be cool if we could customise the Community Buildings that we do have. Just to be able to change the colours on them would suit me.

Back to the library... it's got plenty of scope for a few decent photos, there are reading areas dotted about and a colourful little kids corner - plus the prerequisite desks and computers... and toilet facilities for the sim that can't cross his legs. Hopefully you'll like this one as much as I enjoyed building it.

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Game Requirements

Lot Details

  • Community Lot
  • Library
  • Coffee Facilities
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Kids Corner
  • Internet Access
  • Seating Areas

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  1. Oh cool! I really like the modern design. Lovely colors inside -- those club chairs look awesome in green! And I love the kids' area. Your Riverview lots make me want to go back to my old plan of re-doing Riverview...I seriously need more hours in the day. And maybe an extra brain.

    And hey...a gazillion mods? Me? OK, OK, guilty as charged. ;) I really am picky about my game, aren't I? Heh. I totally get what you are saying, though. Sometimes rabbitholes can be incredibly useful (such as when you are playing a huge household and you want some sanity once in awhile).

  2. I'm glad you like the library Jen, thankyou :)

    ... and okay, maybe a gazillion minus one (whatever that is). I have a few mods myself, but more to smooth out the original gameplay and object use - than to alter it. If I had the time I'd investigate the mods that you use, because you do seem to have more control over what goes on in your game... and if you ever do get an extra brain we'll all be in trouble ;0) xx

    Also - I'm glad I'm not the only one that sends them off shopping or skilling when it all gets too much!

  3. Oh Lil'! It's beautiful hon and so needed. You know, I never send my sims to the library? Ever! Well, they just better jump in their cars, hop on their bikes or hot foot it because this baby is being added to my game today! Woo-hoo! Thank you love *smooch smooch*.

  4. LOL Velvet! - maybe I should put the gym next to the library and they can jog from one to the other! Thankyou my love, I'm very glad you like it *big wet dooby kiss*.

  5. I should really brush up on my critiquing (is that a word?) skills but right now, all I have is this : LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  6. I dunno if it's a word but I'm stealing it!

    Thankyou for critiquing my library :0P I'm so glad you LOVE!!!!!! it ;0) xx

  7. Lily this is all kinds of yummy! I am going to pop it in my game right now! I am addicted to your lots. Seriously, my RV is full of them. Not to mention France. **mwah**

  8. Hey, LJ - couldn't have done the nectary without you me darlin' - here's hoping your sims enjoy the library ;0) xx

  9. amazing, as always! i love your blog.

    i just started writing my own sims 3 blog, check it out if you want to! :)

  10. I most certainly will, and thanks!