Saturday, 7 August 2010

* Another Fresh Start

I've been enjoying revamping Riverview without custom content - much more than I'd imagined I would. It makes everything that much faster (because I don't have as much to choose from), and I'm trying a little harder to be more inventive with both my design layouts and my use of patterns.... in fact, I'm on the verge of ridding myself completely of all my Custom Content, because I've also decided to do the same thing with Sunset Valley (pictured above)... revamp it without using CC.

I think with SV though, I'll play it and revamp as I go along. I've already partially given up on playing Galaad - simple as it first seemed... because it really requires far too much effort to make it playable to my own tastes. It had waaaaaay too many trees, both on lots and throughout the neighbourhood, and I now have to populate it, to play it.... boring. I also had to place spawnable items (other than French Butterflies, of which there were many) on every community lot - the only place to gather fruit and veg was the little Fishermans Garden, so I also had to plant a few trees etc throughout. Though I'm not prepared to bomb it, just yet. It can sit there a while longer until I decide what to do. Having the attention span of a gnat isn't conducive to it ever been used though.

Back to SV... sorry, I tend to ramble along and verbally tread a different path to the one that I've set myself. But stick with me and I'll try not to send you to sleep.

SV... again. Dammit... now I've completely lost my train of thought and whatever awe inspiring thing I was going to divulge, has disappeared with French Butterflies and Fisherman's Gardens... and even if I do remember what I was going to say - it'll seem dull and disappointing now! Instead, I'll give you a sneaky peeky at the back of a house I've just built. It'll be available tomorrow (I think).