Thursday, 30 September 2010

* Small Quarters 3.0

It has taken almost as long to organise the photos and cc list for this, as it did to bloody build it. It's enough to put me off for life... or until next time at the very least. This is Crystal Springs Vista, a small but tall cabin in Sunset Valley, built overlooking the Crystal Springs Lake. I built it for the Small Quarters 3.0 Challenge at LivingSims. Stupidly, I decided to offer it up for download at Sims 3 Musketeers, which has involved scouring the web to put together a detailed list of Store and Custom Content... and where to get it from. Also, for whatever reason, blogger decided that "No" today it was not going to upload my photographs - took me ages to work out I could do it via Picassa... I'm slow, not stoopid. Honest.

I've also worked out how to use the *Insert Jump Break*, so you will no longer be subjected to row upon row of pictures on the first page unless given a direct link to it - instead, I'm going to make you press a button and come find the rest of the 'em - easy peasy. See, you made it here already with very little effort :)

Back to the challenge... you can find my entry for it HERE. But of course, I just had to take more than the fifteen alloted pictures, so prepare to be spammed... I should point out that I have genuinely tried to use as little cc as humanly possible (yes, even though the list at the download seems to prove otherwise), and I'm still getting the hang of this whole imagination lark... so if it looks like I could have done better, do please keep it to yourselves. I'm delicate.

Here's the floor plan for those of you that aren't going to bother clicking my link to LS.

Ground floor kitchen/breakfast room with balcony

First floor living space and half bath (ridiculous thing to call it... half bath.. there's no bath!)

Second floor Bedroom, bathroom, writing space and balcony.

Isobel Barnes eating alone whilst hubby - Teddy - slaves over his latest Novella.

Teddy slaving over Novella.... "Ted's Half Adventure" - a bit like a half bath really, what with there being no Bill... and no adventure.

The Kitchen, Isobels lonely domain.

Isobels Favourite spot.

The Half Bath... and NO, there are not two plant pots - I used a large mirror in both of the bathrooms to give the illusion of space - it does work, but it's bloody hard to take a decent picture and show you - use your imaginations!

The Living Space - I used transparent curtains because the windows needed something, but solid curtains would have spoiled the illusion of a beautful view... you have to face the other way to the picture to appreciate it :P

The bedroom and balcony.

(Isobels Car *Booty*)

If you'd like to download this lot, you'll find it HERE.


  1. Most awesome little home!!! REALLY like it!!!

    Well done Miss Lily! :)

  2. Awww shucks - thankyou Nengi my love xx

  3. That is a lovley little home Lily!

    The bedroom is awesome!

  4. Ta very much, Nohan... now you know what I spent the whole bloody day doing! My bum went numb :D

  5. haha, I wish I had done something like that! I did just nooothing!