Sunday, 26 September 2010

* Holly's Bedroom

Real Life has kept me fairly of busy late. I've been redecorating and refurnishing my own home, instead of my sims - far for more costly and there's no click of a button to paint the walls with - just an old fashioned roller and tray! We've got a few finishing touches to add, but I've finally found a bit of time (and inclination) to load up my game and play. 
I'm still trying very hard not to use too much custom content (if any), because it does slow my game down when I play it - plus, with a bit of imagination there's really no need to fill the spaces up with junk, just for the sake of a few pretty pictures. Although I am using what I refer to in my head as key pieces - those cc items that really can't be found in the game - mostly things like cushions and blankets, and the odd flower display... and sometimes an item of furniture, but not often.
I've just decorated a bedroom in Abington Court, for Holly Alto - The Alto's teenage daughter. It's ended up a tad cottagey, but I can find no reason not to keep it. I like it.


  1. Oh wow, I love that room! It looks modern and rustic at the same time. That wallpaper pattern looks so good with the stripey pattern you used on the bed. I also like your idea of using CC only for key pieces that Maxis doesn't have. Very cool!!

  2. Thanks, Jenba! It's so much quicker to decorate when not using much cc too - I don't have to spend hours scanning the catalogues and wading through the dross to find the good stuff :D

  3. It is lovley Lily!

    I am with you there on the CC and you know it.

    I also find it very challenging to work completley without CC


  4. Thanks, Nohan! I keep finding my *essential cc list* is growing... so not so good :P

  5. I knooooooooooooooow! *Hangs head in abject shame* ;0)

  6. Hello! Excellent job on the bedroom! Where do you get the cushions and blankets... Cause without them it makes things look.... different!

  7. Thanks, Anon :D The bed blanket is from MTS by HugeLunatic - the cushions on the bed are by MangoSims, Set Garor - and the blanket box is a coffee table by Sim_man123 at TSR, Hillside Bedroom -