Tuesday, 5 June 2012

* Ninoo's Chapel

...yes... it's ANOTHER CHURCH THINGY!!! This one was a request from Ninoo, at The Sims Daily forum, in the classified ads section. This... and a cemetary that I have yet to build. Ninoo asked for hues of blue, somewhere for her sims to get married, use the loo, eat and dance... hopefully I've covered all of the bases. She also asked for NO custom content, but store stuff was fine...

Apparently, according to my darling Ninoo, my Riverview Chapel looked fab, but was too small on the inside to take good pictures (she was right)... this is only slightly bigger, but it works better.

It's been playtested, and the only issue I could find was a slight routing problem if you don't get the person that you want to play the drums, to sit down before anyone else gets up on the stage. Other than that, it all works just fine :)

Lot Information
30 x 30 lotsize
Designated as a small park
Wedding Arch
Seating for 12 (inside and outside)
Toilet facilities
Band instruments and stage
Dance floor
Landscaped gardens

NO Custom Content

Store Content 
K2 Ivy (sorry, can't find a link)
3 traceried window
traceried window
Regency Grand window
Regency Door
flowing banderole
Elite Efflorescence
illuminated pillar
vase of grace
wall flower
to have and to fold with bow
croon to me softly microphone
bon vivant buffet
the roundabout
new years nectar
portable platter

I've used a little something from most EPs, but don't think I've used anything for any of the SPs... don't forget that it'll all still work without any of it, if you want to take the time to replace a few bits and bobs.

Patched to 1.33.

Download HERE


  1. HUBBA BUBBA!! It looks amazing ♥

    1. It was fun to do :) ... and now for the cemetary..... ;)

  2. Do you still do requests? x

    1. Hello Lou - I don't really do personal requests. I'll explain...

      We have a *classified ads* section in The Sims Daily Forum, where members that want something specific, place an *ad/request*, and whoever feels like building/landscaping/decorating it, does so. Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks for someone to decide to take up an ad/request, but they all get fulfilled at some point.

      The last two that I did (Rachel's House and this one), took my fancy. But other creators have completed other requests.

      Hope I've helped xx

    2. Where could I put a request on the forum? & yeah thanks you helped a lot :) x

    3. Here - http://www.thesimsdaily.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=94 :o) xx

  3. Hey! I really like your website and I am a regular visitor! Would you like to exchange links? I already added you to my links page on my website: www.ts3houses.com My image: http://www.ts3houses.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/hfhfhf.png Thank you!

    1. Thanks Justin! I've added your link to my page too xx

  4. Thank you me darling *smooch*! There's nothing I love more than diversity of choices in my game. You're the only "church builder" who gets it right!

    1. Hearting you muchly, my lovely - so very good to hear from you xx

  5. You did a lovely chapel Lily! And I think the Ivy come from the Renault Twizy set.

    1. Thankyou sweety, and you're right, it did - I just can't ever find a bloody link for it!!!!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Joy, I'm glad you like it :) xx