Monday, 7 May 2012

* Kisses and Wishes

A bit of a spoiler, I know - but I do like a happy ending at the beginning... plus, I just plain LOVE this picture... and it's my blog.. so there...

Anyhoo... on with the story.

Both Iqbal and Erin were slightly dazed by the fact that he had proposed and she had accepted, but surprisingly (or not) their romance continued to blossom. Iqbal spent quite alot of time at Erin's place *for reasons*.

The more time he spent with her, the more he realised just how important it was to Erin, that she keep herself in trim... so Iqbal figured he should *fight the flab* himself, for his lady love, and enrolled at the local gym (shameless plug).

Gaining the perfect body really wasn't going to be something that could be achieved overnight. Iqbal spent most of his time kissing the controls on the running machine. He spent two days looking like he'd had a fight with a baseball bat and lost. Repeatedly. When he did eventually manage to keep his balance and keep on running, no one was there to see. So he calmly switched the thing off, stepped off... and did a celebratory birthday dance for one.

It wasn't too long before trying to live in two houses became more than Iqbal could cope with. Iqbal wasn't one of life's *copers*. He struggled with absolutely everything. But he never quit.

One starry evening (yes, it was evening... I had to lighten the image so's you could see them)... whilst gazing up at the stars from his front lawn, Iqbal asked Erin (who'd had a superb makeover - go me), to move in with him and the boys.

She said yes.

Iqbal hadn't quite known how to break it to the boys that things were moving faster than expected, and didn't tell Erin that he hadn't actually told them she was moving in.

Miraj came down to breakfast the morning after Erin had spent her first night in her new home, and missed the final few stairs when he saw his future stepmother seated at the breakfast table with his dad. He landed with a thump at the bottom of the staircase.
"You okay there, Miraj?" she asked.
"Um, sure.... so... you stayed over last night then?"
Erin eyed Iqbal who was concentrating very hard on his pancakes. "Iqbal? Did you forget to tell the boys?"
"Errrr... ummmm... not forget... ummm... not exactly."
"I'm sorry," he mumbled.
Miraj sat grinning at his dad's lack of composure. This was fun.
"Miraj!" Erin noticed him grinning.
"I'm sorry," he mumbled.
Erin sat grinning at the pair of them. "Like father, like son," she smiled."Miraj, your father has obviously omitted to tell you and VJ that he asked me to move in before the wedding. Are you okay with that?"
"Yeah, sure... you can cook, right?"

The day before the wedding arrived, all too soon. The happy couple decided to venture out for the evening and relax their nerves as best they could.

Iqbal was having more trouble with the concept of relaxing than Erin was and *freaked out* at the table just as they finished their meal. Erin looked on in sympathy.
"You done?"
"I'm done."

The morning of the wedding dawned bright and clear. Erin arrived at the church, alone. VJ had offered to walk to the church with her, but she'd needed some alone time. Just a few moments to catch her breath before she walked down the aisle.

There was a beautiful room at the back of the church, just for the bride. She sat quietly, staring at her bouquet, wandering what life as Mrs Alvi, would be like. She thought about what an odd couple herself and her future husband must seem from the outside... then smiled to herself at just how much she loved him.

It was time.

The ceremony was beautiful. They exchanged rings and promises... and kisses.

Then went downstairs to the function room and cut the cake.

Everyone had a piece...

Then the dancing started...

... and quite frankly, it didn't stop.

The whole party danced away the late afternoon into the evening. After trying several combinations of music on the stereo, I discovered that they all seemed to like *Rock a billy* the best... it certainly had the most hip swinging vibe.

I left the happy couple, dancing the night away. I really wanted to stay and see how life turned out for them, but it was 5pm on a Saturday Sim Night... and time to move on to my next victims. So I left them on a high note...

... I do LOVE a happy ending ;0)


  1. Replies
    1. I know!

      It was all just so damn romantic *hands Dee another tissue*.

  2. Awwww this made me smile! I've been waiting patiently for it to be their turn again *sighs*

    1. You soppy date ;0), as long as my game hold outs they'll get another turn at some point in the future.

  3. "Iqbal spent most of his time kissing the controls on the running machine." Lol, that had me chuckling. They're such a sweet couple, I hope all goes well for them. The pics are beautiful, lovely church you have there.

    1. Thanks Taz, now that I've finally uploaded this story and play tested the church, I can upload that too ;0) xx

  4. Aaw! What an unusual pairing but it works so well! Shame he forgot to tell the boys ;D

    1. The game paired them up when I was playing elsewhere - I decided to just go with it because like you, I thought it kinda worked. Ain't no explaining lurve ;0) xx

  5. What a neat couple and beautiful wedding pictures.

  6. So sweet! :') It's great to see Iqbal so fulfilled.

    1. I really liked him, poor bugger needed a bit of love. Who am I to step in the way of Sim Destiny? ;) xx

  7. *Big grin* I keep getting happy endings this morning! And, that's enough of that - I've been here way too long Lil' hun, gotta go but...I shall return. *insert evil laugh*