Monday, 23 April 2012

* The Other Sim Antics

I love taking random pictures of my sims and sim landscapes etc - that don't really fit in with what i want here, at my blog. So yesterday I opened a tumblr (or Simblr... it's all in the perspective) account. Other people tend to post all over the shot, and though I've felt a little guilty in the past, about sticking my images all over various forums.... I now only really participate in the one forum - so I reckon I can go for it and spam the living daylights out of various spots, with images from my game.

I shall continue to use my blog for stories and random simming, plus somewhere to say "Hey, look what I did... now go download it!", but now I have somehwere to stick stuff without explanation.

If you want to follow my simblr, or just take a poke about - it's HERE.

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