Monday, 29 August 2011

* River Junction Folly

Twinbrook now has it's very own lighthouse. I couldn't leave the beach in it's original state, with a tiny pavillion/band hut and sod all on the beach but a couple of brollys and picnic blankets - so I built a lighthouse, in the middle of the swamp, on the river bend. It's a bit random, but call something a folly and you can build anything anywhere. There's a spiral staircase through the centre of it, all the way to the top floor, and the viewing platform is completely useable. The lot has been playtested. I've left the interior of the lighthouse bare, save for toilets. You can fill each level with whatever you choose, or nothing at all.

Download HERE

Game Requirements

Lot Details

  • Community Lot
  • Lot Size 42 x 52
  • Beach
  • BBQ Facilites
  • Fire Pit
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Toddler Play (on beach blanket)
  • Community picnic blankets
  • Steps to top of lighthouse
  • Viewing Platform
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Sun Loungers

Premium Content

Custom Content

  • None

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